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All weather bird repellent green laser lighting module

DATE:2023-09-13   TRAFFIC:565

 All weather bird repellent dedicated green laser light

The all-weather green laser bird repelling system is a technology that uses high-strength green laser beams to scare away birds. According to a large amount of animal science research data, the vast majority of birds are not particularly afraid of certain colors of light, such as red, green, white, blue, yellow, etc. However, when it comes to high brightness lasers, they will consider them as foreign objects coming, afraid of physical threats and panic to avoid them.

 All weather bird repellent dedicated green laser light

The laser bird repellents on the market have a variety of fast flashing light spots, which look dynamic and dazzling, but actually greatly reduce the intensity and duration of the light. The bird repellent effect is counterproductive, especially during the day when the effect becomes somewhat absent.


After analyzing a large number of experimental results, we have concluded that a static circular beam with high intensity concentration, which sweeps back and forth at a slow speed like a big stick, has the best bird repelling effect, and the difference in bird repelling effect between day and night is not significant.

 All weather bird repellent dedicated green laser light

Based on this, 3KM photoelectrics has developed an all-weather dedicated green laser light for bird repelling, with an angle adjustable from 0.1 ° to 10 °, a minimum spot diameter of about 1 meter, an effective bird repelling distance of ≥ 500m during the day, and an effective bird repelling distance of over 1 kilometer at night.

 All weather bird repellent dedicated green laser light

3KM photoelectrics bird driving green laser light features:

High brightness green laser, available day and night

Effective bird repelling distance during the day ≥ 500m

Effective distance range at night ≥ 1000m

Cylindrical light points have the best bird repelling effect

Adjustable laser spot size

Continuous service life of over 10000 hours

 All weather bird repellent dedicated green laser light

1km All Weather Green Laser Bird Repellent

3KM photoelectrics bird repelling green excitation light can be used in various scenarios. Application scenarios such as agriculture, airports, power grids, wind power equipment, photovoltaic equipment, etc.



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