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5km infrared laser lighting module in 0.3°~30° illumination angle

The Military level infrared laser illumination module effective distance is more than 5km. It adopts a separate structure of light source and lens and has excellent heat dissipation performance. plug and play, can be more flexibly adapted to various PTZ monitoring systems.
  • Intelligent auto-dimming, Smart Sync Zoom
  • Smart match, Hot-swappable
  • Real-time monitoring, intelligent control
  • Intelligent Temperature Control
  • Light energy utilization rate ≥90%
  • -35 ℃ cold start up
  • Obtaining certification: IEC, CE, RoHS, REACH

I. Market Application

The Military level 5km infrared laser lighting moudle`s night vision distance range up to 5km, can meet the requirements of full 256 gray scale professional high-definition night vision surveillance quality. It adopts a separate structure of light source and lens and has excellent heat dissipation performance. By performing with black and white or color CCD, CMOS camera or with the use of night vision surveillance equipment, plug and play, it is easy to create highly intelligent night vision monitoring system.

5km infrared laser ligting Night vision monitoring system

infrared laser ligting Night vision monitoring system

The Military level 5km infrared laser lighting moudle is 200 times Zoom, The quality of the picture is permeable, The border of the spots is clear, Intelligent match, Hot-swappable. It can meet the professional applications of high-definition night vision surveillance quality requirements, For example, night vision monitoring includes safe cities, intelligent transportation, vehicle systems, prisons, border and coastal defense, forest fire prevention, oil fields and depots, large factory areas, security departments, ecological protection zones, energy mining, water conservancy and electricity, airports and ports, administrative law enforcement, fisheries and maritime supervision, etc.

5km Infrared laser lighting module test results

Infrared laser lighting module test results

II. Product Features

1. Intelligent features

● Photosensitive automatic dimming, passive dimming and remote background dimming a variety of dimming methods

● Intelligent synchronous zoom, and the camera Angle automatically adaptation, intelligent adjustment of light intensity, preset support system, synchronous electric zoom  0.3 ° ~ 30 ° continuous adjustable, Perfect fit for high-end camera surveillance lenses on the market, achieve perfect lighting effect;

● Perfectly match monitoring equipment of different brands and models, plug and play, without Angle matching;

● The system software can monitor the working state of laser and control it intelligently.

2. Technical Features

● A number of technology patent products

● 200times Zoom

● The spot boundary is clear

● Precise current design, low thermal redundancy and ultra low power consumption

● The intelligent temperature control protection ensures that the temperature of the whole machine is still in the working range

III. Technical Parameters


Values and Description

Product ID




Effective Distance



808±10nm(940nm Optional)

Consumed Power


Output Power


Illumination Angle

0.3°~30°(Continuous zoom)

Spot Diameter


Laser Safety Distance≥376m(@0.3°,@Pomax)

Working Voltage


Communication Interface

RS-485/UART portTTL(Default: 9600bps)

Communication Protocol


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Profile Dimensions




Note: the infrared laser illumination module parameters are subject to the quotation scheme, subject to change without prior notice.


IV. Overall Dimensions

5000m infrared laser lighting module Overall Dimensions

V. Interface Definition
5000m infrared laser lighting module Interface Pin Definition

VI. Notes

● The Infrared Laser Lighting Modules belong to the class 4 non-visible light laser. While the IR laser light is on, back-light looking at or observing laser light beam with optical instrument is strictly prohibited.

● While the Laser Infrared Lighting Module is on, flammable objects are strictly prohibited within 200cm in front of the lens to prevent fires.

● The Infrared Laser Lighting Module should be installed where people could not look at it directly or it should be a long enough distance from where people could look directly. Manufactures should choose the Laser radiation power according to its actual application environment, in order to avoid hurting people's eyes.

● Manufactures using our Infrared Laser Lighting Modules should put labels warning of laser radiation.

● When device fault occurs, please contact with our qualified maintenance personnel for service rather than disassemble it at your own discretion, otherwise warranty will be end of the moment you disassemble it.

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