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In the next five years, six competitive trends of infrared laser night vision technology in market

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In the next five years, six competitive trends of infrared laser night vision technology in market

——how to break through the current status, and leading the development of infrared laser night vision technology for 3KM


So far, the infrared laser night vision technology development for more than ten years. It has low power consumption, long life, good image quality within 10 km, and many other advantages. Thus it has a very clear advantage over Infrared thermal imaging night vision technology and Night vision technology, our product is suitable for the night vision surveillance in highway, railway, public security police, energy, electricity, water conservancy , environmental protection, safe cities, airports, ports, oil depots, long-distance pipelines, large industrial area, the defense side of the sea, maritime fishing political, ecological protection, military bases and other wide area range

Although the LED infrared light and infrared laser light belong to infrared night vision technology, but infrared LED lamp`s life is short, only 5% of the infrared laser light; it`s effective Monitoring range is about 50-80 meters; LED infrared technology will also cause monitor screen blur, more noise, and other disadvantages. In practice, however, because the main monitor market (especially the civilian market) for night vision camera  doesn`t require a high image quality in the past years, low-cost LED infrared night vision technology was more favored by the civilian market. Also, the security market is now more competitive, thus surveillance camera equipment manufacturers are very sensitive to the cost price. The lost of awareness, low quality, the lack of equipment manufacturers support and the high cost price have become the biggest obstacle to the development and application promotion of infrared laser night vision technology .

In the past two years, with the enhancement of people's security awareness, LED infrared night vision technology has been far from meeting people's needs. Especially in some security monitoring sites, such as criminal investigation, border control, safe city and so on, high-definition surveillance cameras to identify very high, more and more away from the night vision needs. High-end, long-distance, intelligent infrared laser light market demand is very clear, the scope of application also will continue to expand, has been tepid infrared laser night vision technology market and thus rapid warming. To seize market opportunities, security surveillance camera equipment urgently seek a high strength of the infrared laser light and reliable suppliers.

However, since the infrared laser light has been subject to market prices and costs, high technical threshold of research and development, the lack of support and equipment manufacturers to participate, so that product technology and market applications are not well developed for decades ,product homogeneity is very serious in hardware and software, high-end, professional manufacturers are even scarcer. Now facing a good market opportunity, surprise surveillance camera equipment manufacturers and infrared laser light manufacturers are difficult to achieve a leap in the technology industry to meet the explosive growth of a variety of market applications.

However, there is always a keen sense of smell foresight on the market. In the optoelectronic industry veteran of 3KM company founder of twenty years, its been a listed company, a company with annual sales of billions of dollars, can be considered a modicum of success. In early 2013, he noticed a  infrared laser lighting industry market demand is increasing, but a serious shortage of supply or even blank, concluded enormous opportunities for development will usher in a laser night vision, and began to focus on investment and research and development organization high-end laser infrared night vision technology and products.

How to break through the industry status quo, leading infrared laser night vision technology? He was convinced that the high-end infrared laser light is no longer just as a new night vision auxiliary lighting products, but also will lead the night vision surveillance security industry to the high cost of market demand and competitive trends in the market, and promote innovative night vision surveillance security technology upgrades. After three years of market research and development of poverty, close to the security monitoring market demand trends prove safety intelligent infrared laser technology, long-distance, low-cost market value of the three major lifeline, clear the next five years, six infrared laser light pole with the development trend of the market competitiveness of infrared laser night vision technology development pointed out the direction.

State of the Industry: low price, low quality

The price is the problem infrared laser light manufacturers and users of most concern most, so cost control is the primary consideration of factors manufacturer. To reduce costs, some manufacturers copying someone else's product design, using inferior materials, reducing the required inspection, testing processes.

This behavior not only reduces the quality of products, but also damage the interests of surveillance equipment manufacturers and end users.

Trends: low cost, high value

In order to reduce production costs, improve product performance and market value, some of the  infrared laser light manufacturers begain to design uniqe structure, they also began to focus on increasing the  investment on program software. Which Provide cost-effective solutions for monitoring equipment manufacturer and customers.

For example, by reducing the structural components, thereby reducing costs. IR-850-500-infrared laser light made by 3KM company in 2015 is a a typical case of using technology to reduce the cost , it is the only 2W night vision infrared laser light whose illumination distance reaches to 500 meters , while other brands` infrared laser light has to be 3W to reach the meet. Compare with other products, IR-850-500-infrared laser light has great advantages.

Our high-end products provide users with cost-effective solutions. The Price of infrared laser light is 10 times higher than the infrared LED lamp in the market , many users believe that infrared laser light is "noble" and not practical . In fact, They do not know an infrared laser light` cost-effective is far higher than the third-generation infrared dot matrix LED lamp. 

The following is cost comparison chart between infrared laser light and infrared LED lamp.

Infrared   lighting

infrared LED lamp

3KM infrared laser light

effective   distance



Each lamp   Price



The initial   cost of the lamp



Each lamp   life



Total cost5 years

10 or 20×1501500





Camera   costs



Maintenance   costs(5 years)

Labor and time costs (10-20 times)


Management   costs

3 sets of monitoring system   equipment

1 sets of monitoring system   equipment

Cost comparison chart

Through Cost analysis and comparison of the two products on the table, it is not difficult to find that the infrared laser light is more cost-effective.Infrared laser light will gradually replace LED infrared light in the market. The cost-effective characteristic of infrared laser light is recognized by monitoring equipment providers and users ,promote the development of infrared laser light.

Trends: super telephoto, high-definition

With the continuous development of security monitoring technology and market demand, night vision monitoring is required in many sites, such as ten meters outdoor corridors, hallways, warehouses, and gradually extended to the outdoors a few hundred meters to several kilometers of large square, cities, oil fields, ports, airports, many remote surveillance of highways, railways, forests, border control, military bases, effective infrared laser night vision illumination distance from a few hundred meters to several kilometers or meters above the development of long distance range. With ultra-long-distance night vision surveillance market demand, we also need to have a matching cost-effective solutions in order to better promote the development of the market. For example, a 3000 meters of the harbor or the airport to monitor the project, it was the whole project will be divided into 10 groups of 300 meters in the close infrared laser surveillance camera equipment to do, but doing so is higher than the total cost 

Of using a set of 3000 m super telephoto infrared laser monitoring equipment. In addition, in some special areas of seaports, airports and other inconvenient or even impossible to use multiple sets of close monitoring equipment.

Ultra-distance laser infrared night vision technology allows the camera to see in the darkness far enough and clear enough with low cost, it has become an important new trends for night vision technology , but also the market measure infrared laser lighting technology R & D strength one of the important signs.

Development Trend: Good close adaptability, high-definition

Although the ultra-distance performance is an important development trend for infrared laser light. As the whole night vision surveillance market, the current short-range night vision surveillance still accounted for about 90% market share, particularly in the hundred meters night vision monitor market, the inexpensive infrared LED lights occupy the market. Let both ultra-long-distance, high-resolution infrared laser light manufacturers eyeing all this, but only look on in despair of copies.

This situation is caused mainly due to the higher cost of infrared laser light. in addition to the infrared laser itself is good collimation and high light intensity, simultaneous zoom, intelligent features such as auto-dimming technology is lagging behind other reasons. Within close range (30 meters), because there is no good way for control of the infrared laser light intensity , excessive light intensity always cause monitoring image scene whitish. And the closer, the stronger the light, the image is not clear.  If the Infrared laser light manufacturers want to enter the night vision surveillance market, they must first solve the cost price and intelligent features two major problems

Technical director revealed that  with the use of a high level of optical design, electronic software program control, they can not only reduce costs, but also achieve good ultra-close-infrared laser night vision. After creating a surplus in the distant infrared laser light, The 3KM company is preparing for the "super close" infrared laser night vision lighting technology project planning, the project is aimed at low-cost prices close civilian night vision monitor. Once the project is succeeded, the 3KM company will once again open up the infrared laser night vision technology milestone, following the ultra-long-range infrared laser light and then create a new class of infrared laser technology to promote the lighting industry into the night vision surveillance infrared laser light completely , and became the first company to enter the short-range night vision infrared laser light market.

Development Trend four:  the harsh environment adaptability

Not only dose the night vision surveillance face matte environment, but also  face the rain and fog, wind, smog and other harsh weather conditions. Since the infrared laser transmission in the rain and fog, it will be absorbed by rain, fog, haze and other particles , causing the laser energy constantly being attenuated. Thus,  it is a very important and useful features for infrared laser night vision technology to go through the rain and fog .

The monitoring equipment in market is divided into physical fog through equipment and digital fog through equipment (also known as optical and electron ).Digital imaging apparatus through the fog is the result of the back-end image processing software, the rear end of the treatment effect is limited and easily distorted. in order to obtain better image quality, high-end night vision surveillance camera equipment have taken the front end through the fog (that is optically transparent fog), . Although infrared laser night vision monitoring Required monitoring equipment through the rain and fog, but not all of the infrared laser light through rain and fog have good features.

Infrared laser characteristics of different wavelengths is in the following table:

Features |   wavelength

A level

B level

C level




Rain and   fog penetrating ability








Infrared   light induced sensitivity




Max   Effective Distance

Long distance

Medium distance

Close distance

Powe   Consumption




Infrared laser light manufacturers can work together with video surveillance equipment manufacturers to develop infrared laser light products for different environments, such as dedicated Haiphong, rainforest and other environments

Development Trend five: smart match, remote control

Main technology of existing intelligent infrared laser light is sync zoom, auto-dimming function and technology is relatively mature. "Auto Dimming" light emission intensity can be adjusted according to the  outside light intensity, avoid wasting of light or light intensity insufficient. "Sync Zoom" with intelligent zoom synchronous interface enables synchronized zoom lens focus precisely calculated and adjust the light intensity, to make sure the camera images are stable and clear.

However, currently available infrared laser light cannot automatically identify, match monitoring equipment of different brands , and models of devices automatically dimming, synchronized zoom, lighting angle parameters have to be intelligent technology on the chip factory reset system software parameters and make the appropriate settings to match. For example, an infrared laser light which matched woo view camera may not exactly match Kang camera, you may need to re-interface protocol and the operational command to adjust the angle of illumination and other technical parameters. Therefore, only these two powerful features intelligent technology is still far failed to meet the market demand, we must make them easy to match various brands and models of monitoring equipment on the market, otherwise it will become a big market obstacle. This requires infrared laser light manufacturers and monitoring equipment manufacturers to further open both technologies and work together to achieve more perfect intelligent features of infrared laser night vision technology.

Based on the common needs of the mainstream surveillance equipment makers, 3KM company Sales Director raised two main views for infrared laser light intelligent trend:

1, intelligent matching, Hot-swappable----infrared laser light intelligent software system can be the perfect alternative to other brands on the market infrared laser lighting system, smart match different brands, different types of monitoring devices, plug and play, without lighting matching angle, interface protocols and other technical parameters.

2, real-time monitoring, remote control - system software real-time monitor and intelligently control  laser temperature, power, light efficiency, current-voltage work status , remote sett and support for software online upgrade.

Development Trend six: Detached, waterproof sunscreen

It can be installed separately, highly intelligent ,waterproof, sunscreen, thermostats. Infrared night vision surveillance industry chain is not only a test of product strategy, but also an opportunity to change the entire layout of the market.

For monitoring equipment manufacturers, independent infrared laser light can not only be used directly, but also reduce the volume of space, saving customers operating costs, easily installed, and so on.

For users, the purchase price is relatively low. according to the application environment, the use of infrared laser light is flexible, the cost for existing monitoring equipment to upgrade is low.

For infrared laser light manufacturers, they occupy a more proactive advantage in the standardization, by increasing scale of economies,  working together with surveillance camera equipment manufacturers to promote the market.

Looking at these six trends, they has one thing in common, their intrinsic motivation is to create greater value for the market demand with technology, not chase the vicious competition-lower prices, low profits. As the 3KM company research director calls "only customer is satisfied, and will they become our spokesmen " it is Visible that only infrared laser light manufacturers, security monitoring equipment manufacturers and the industry work from the customer's point of view, will they establish mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and achieve rapid development.


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