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3°-65° long distance fixed focus infrared laser light

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15° lighting angle long distance fixed focus infrared laser light

The 15° fixed focus infrared laser light is the infrared fill light with the smallest lighting angle in the industry. It has a rated power of 1W, a wavelength of 850nm, a weight of only 4g, and an effective fill light distance of 100-200m. It is smaller in size than LED infrared lights and is fully compatible with LED infrared light product structures. It does not require customers to make structural or software changes and directly replaces LED infrared lights. It can be used in TOF, high-end ball cameras, bullet cameras, drones and other night vision monitoring and supplementary light systems.
  • Class 3B laser safety level of FDA and IEC
  • More than 90% light energy utilization rate
  • Continuous use up to 50,000 hours
  • -40℃~+85℃ operating temperature range
I. Market Application

VCSEL fixed-focus infrared laser light is a night vision laser lighting product independently developed by 3KM Optoelectronics. It has a full range of standard lighting angle infrared laser lights from 3° to 65°. Customers can also customize lenses with different lighting angles according to their own needs. The effective fill light lighting distance is within 500m. The rated power is 1W and the wavelength is 850nm. It complies with the Class 3B laser safety level requirements of FDA and IEC. It has a continuous service life of up to 50,000 hours. It is mainly used for night video surveillance auxiliary lighting such as gun cameras, dome cameras, and drones, such as: Safe cities, intelligent transportation, vehicle-mounted systems, prisons, border and coastal defense, forest fire prevention, oil fields and oil depots, large factories, security departments, ecological reserves, energy mining, water conservancy and electricity, airports and ports, administrative law enforcement, fishery and maritime surveillance, etc.

Compared with similar products (laser fill light panels), 3KM Optoelectronics' VCSEL fixed-focus infrared laser fill light is lighter in weight, smaller in size, has better technical performance, more uniform light spot, lower energy consumption, and is more convenient The surveillance camera system controls and manages light sources and beams to meet industrial-grade operating temperature range requirements. It is smaller in size than LED infrared fill light, has a longer fill light distance and longer service life. It is fully compatible with the LED infrared light product structure and does not require customers to make structural or software changes, directly replacing LED infrared lights.

15° lighting angle long distance fixed focus infrared laser light test results

8° lighting angle long distance fixed focus infrared laser light test results

II. Product Features
1. Industry application
  • UAV, high-end ball cameras and bullet cameras for night vision lighting

  • TOF;

  • Explosion-proof monitoring and lighting supplementary lighting

2. Technical Features
  • Patent encapsulation technology

  • The minimum lighting angle of 3 degrees, the industry's minimum lighting angle, angle can also be customized according to customer needs

  • The effective distance is far enough to meet the night vision illumination range of 500 meters

  • Small size, less than 1/3 of the LED infrared light, fully compatible with the existing product structure of customers, do not need to make structural and software changes, directly replace the LED infrared light

3. Quality characteristiss
  • The brightness of ir laser light is 4 times that of LED IR light

  • Ultra low power consumption, high utilization of light energy

  • 3B laser safety level of FDA and IEC

  • Industrial temperature at -40℃ ~ +85℃

  • The service life is longer than 50,000 hours

  • Microlens technology has excellent permeability and consistency

  • There are no stripes, speckle and no holes

III. Technical Parameters


Values    and Description

Product ID




Applicable Wavelength Range


Illumination Angle

15°(@ 20%)   17°(1/e²)

Beam Spot Diameter

<26m(@ 100m)

Effective Distance




Applicable LightSource

IR-850-1W-3838 (3KM VCSEL)

Operating    Temperature


Storage    Temperature


Profile    Dimensions




Environmental Standards


Note: the infrared laser light parameters are subject to the quotation scheme, subject to change without prior notice.

IV. Product Size

15° lighting angle long distance fixed focus infrared laser light Overall Dimensions

V. Notes
  • The infrared laser light belong to the class 3B non-visible light laser. While the laser light is on, back-light looking at or observing laser light beam with optical instrument is strictly prohibited.

  • While the infrared laser light is on, flammable objects are strictly prohibited within 20cm in front of the lens to prevent fires.

  • The infrared laser light should be installed where people could not look at it directly or it should be a long enough distance from where people could look directly. Manufactures should choose the Laser radiation power according to its actual application environment, in order to avoid hurting people's eyes.

  • Manufactures using our infrared laser light should put labels warning of laser radiation.

  • When device fault occurs, please contact with our qualified maintenance personnel for service rather than disassemble it at your own discretion, otherwise warranty will be end of the moment you disassemble it.

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