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Every special demand from customers for 3KM will become a classic in the laser night vision lighting industry

DATE:2023-10-31   TRAFFIC:847

Every special demand from customers for 3KM 

will become a classic in the laser night vision lighting industry

Understanding the Development Origins of Infrared Laser Compensation Technology and 3KM Optoelectronics in the Past Ten Years

       The infrared laser night vision lighting industry is not very large, and as of 2023, its global development history is only over a decade. However, whenever it comes to the topic of infrared laser compensation, industry insiders will naturally mention the 3KM Optoelectronics. Next, let's explore the historical origins of the development of 3KM Optoelectronics and infrared laser night vision lighting technology.

       Ten years ago, LED infrared lights, which had an effective distance of only a few tens of meters and a very short service life, accounted for over 95% of the night vision monitoring and lighting market. At that time, infrared laser fill lights were still in their early stages of development, mainly lasers with edge emitting point light sources. The farthest fill distance was only within the range of 200 to 500 meters, and the homogenization effect of the laser spot was not ideal. The significantly lagging night vision fill technology has become increasingly difficult to meet the development needs of the long-distance, high-definition professional night vision monitoring fill market.

       It is in this market context that 3KM Optoelectronics was officially established, with the development positioning of ultra long-range infrared laser lighting as the company's development positioning. The overall layout, step by step exploration and progress, and one by one breakthroughs in the industry's technological bottlenecks, harvesting one after another technological innovation achievements, while also promoting the development of the laser night vision lighting industry.

Understanding the Development Origins of Infrared Laser Compensation Technology and 3KM Optoelectronics in the Past Ten Years

2015-- Promote the intelligent development of the laser night vision lighting industry

1. Pioneering laser homogenization technology with uniformity, controllability, and high transmittance

       It has achieved the use of standard data parameter values to control the process flow and optical design effect of frosted glass, making the transmittance, uniformity, and consistency of frosted glass completely controllable. It can also be used for digital batch production, improving production efficiency. Solved the technical bottleneck of low transmittance, poor consistency, and uncontrollable ground glass laser homogenization technology necessary for traditional infrared laser illumination.

2. Launch of fully intelligent infrared laser fill light

       The first fully intelligent infrared laser lamp is launched, which can be intelligently and remotely controlled through software, achieving three major functions: plug and play, remote control, and remote monitoring. Intelligence has become the main feature of the fourth generation infrared laser lamp, replacing the third generation automatic infrared laser lamp.

2016-- Pioneering the Era of Safe Laser Night Vision Lighting

3. Pioneering zero loss, noiseless laser homogenization technology

       The 3KM microlens laser homogenization technology solves all the defects of traditional ground glass laser homogenization technology, with six highlights: no light loss, no noise, no vibration, no shaking, no speckle, and more transparent image quality.

4. Pioneering Safe Long Range Infrared Laser Lamp

       The first to adopt VCSEL (surface emitting light source), with a maximum effective fill distance of 800 meters, and the first to obtain Class 3B laser safety certification from FDA and IEC, with an optical power only 50% of the upper limit of Class 3B safety standards. The laser safety distance at the minimum angle is only a few meters, which enables long-distance infrared laser fill lights to successfully enter night vision security monitoring in crowded places such as large shopping malls, squares, and communities. In just over a year, traditional EEL (edge emitting) laser lamps within an 800 meter range were successfully eliminated.

5. First to achieve industrial grade operating temperature range

       The first -40 ℃ extreme temperature cold start, with a maximum operating temperature of+85 ℃ and a continuous service life of 50000 hours. The working temperature range of traditional infrared laser illumination is only -20 ℃ to+55 ℃.

2017-- Infrared laser lighting replaced LED infrared lighting and entered the high-end close range supplementary lighting market

6. Create a fixed focus infrared laser fill light

       A full series of fixed focus infrared laser lamps with a range of 50-500 meters, with an exclusive minimum angle of 3 ° in the industry, and a Class 3B laser safety level. Solved the problems of short distance, short lifespan, and poor performance of LED infrared lights, and the compatible structure can directly replace LED infrared lights for high-end ball and gun monitoring equipment;

7. Miniaturization

    ● Mini 500m zoom infrared laser light, suitable for small spherical cameras;

    ● Adopting a single light source and a miniature fixed focus 500 meter infrared laser lamp.

2018-- Creating a New Category of Ultra Long Range Infrared Laser Lighting

8. Ultra Long Range

    ● The 3000 meter infrared laser lamp has been verified by market customers and achieved mass production;

    ● Created a new category of ultra long-range infrared laser fill lights and became the first manufacturer of ultra long-range infrared laser lights;

    ● We have successively launched multiple 3000 meter infrared laser lights, including small size, universal version, and flat version.

9. Lightweight

       Developed a specialized zoom infrared laser fill light for drones with a weight of only 60 grams and an effective fill distance of 500 meters.

10. Intelligent transportation

       760nm infrared laser fill light dedicated to intelligent traffic monitoring license plate recognition system.

11. Explosion proof type

       Developed an explosion-proof infrared laser lamp series for security monitoring and lighting in hazardous environments such as flammable and explosive environments.

2019-- Leading infrared laser compensation technology into the era of complete clarity

12. Military level

       The 3000 meter infrared laser fill light has entered the military equipment industry for the first time.

13. Ultra Long Range Laser Night Vision Lighting Enters the "Small" Era

       The smallest 2000 meter infrared laser fill light in the industry can be easily installed and used inside the ball machine, allowing the fill distance of the standard ball machine to leap to the ultra long-distance level.

14. Full clear laser lighting technology

       The industry's first fully clear infrared laser fill light, not only has clear spot edges, but also maintains transparent image quality and clear image during automatic zoom. The infrared laser fill light technology has entered the era of full clear for the first time. Solved the problem of virtual focus blurring that cannot be avoided when traditional infrared laser lamps zoom due to inconsistent optical axis and stride.

2020-2023-- Explore new market application fields

15. Ultra Long Range Infrared Laser Illumination with Minimal Angle

       Military grade 5000 meter infrared laser fill light series, with a minimum angle of 0.07 °.

16. 1550nm infrared laser illumination for shortwave cameras

    ● 500 meter short wave infrared laser fill light;

    ● 2 kilometers short wave infrared laser fill light, with strong smoke, rain, fog, and haze transmission effect.

17. Zoom white light laser illumination

    ● The industry's first 500m intelligent synchronous zoom white light laser fill light;

    ● 1-5 kilometers RGB white light, visible light laser light, used for night search and rescue, and long-distance full color monitoring at night.

18. Other application areas

    ● Infrared laser light for airport runway detection

    ● Infrared laser lamps for monitoring railway trains

    ● Infrared laser fill light for coastal defense

    ● Intelligent traffic road indicator laser light

    ● All weather bird repellent green laser light

    ● Desert specific visible laser beacon

    ● Dedicated laser lighting for automotive headlights

    ● ......

       And from the end of 2023 to the beginning of 2024, there will be two milestone infrared laser fill lights launched by 3000 meter Optoelectronics. Let's wait and see.

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