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3KM's Special light source, illuminating a better future

            ——Make the Best Special Light Source in China

3KM Optoelectronics‘ General Office

3KM's Origin development

3KM Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and technical application of special light sources.

3KM Optoelectronics has independently developed infrared laser lighting since 2014, which can meet the needs of infrared laser night vision lighting distances within the range of 100 m to 20 km. Since 2018, it has maintained the largest market share in the laser lighting industry.

At present, the company's laser lighting products include infrared lasers in the 400-1600nm band, white light lasers, and other visible light lasers (green light/red light/blue light). The main service areas include security monitoring, military applications, Frontier and coastal defense, emergency rescue, intelligent transportation, power inspection, laser radar and machine vision recognition and other emerging high-tech industries involve a market size exceeding 100 billion. Core partners include: HIKVISION, Dahua, Uniview, Huawei, KEDACOM, Tiandy, TVT, DJI, CRRC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, NORINCO GROUP, CASC, AVIC, CETC, CEC, CSSC  and a number of military research institutes and other well-known enterprises and institutions.

Seven Achievements

    ● Created a new category of ultra-long-range infrared laser lighting (originator of the first 3000m infrared laser lamp)

    ● Inventor and creator of VCSEL infrared laser fill light (2 invention patents, 5 utility model patents)

    ● The first safe long-range infrared laser lighting (Class 3B laser safety certification by FDA and IEC)

    ● Exclusive minimum angle fixed focus laser light (3°), minimum angle zoom laser light (0.1°)

    ● The first infrared laser fill light to achieve industrial-grade operating temperature range (-45℃~+85℃)

    ● Original creation of clear infrared laser lighting technology and laser lighting products that penetrate smoke, rain and haze

    ● The only professional manufacturer with a full range of fixed focus and zoom infrared laser fill lights (100 m to 20 km)

New opportunities

With the wide application of special light sources in modern electronics, industry, agriculture, medical treatment, food, environmental protection, new materials, aviation research and other industries, the microwave plasma special light source (LEP) independently developed by 3KM Optoelectronics is characterized by its high efficiency, energy saving, Reliable, good light color (CRI value up to 95) performance characteristics, independent light distribution design (plasma, light color control), programmable signal source (electromagnetic field microwave), adaptive control system (automatic control) and other technical advantages, Gradually replace mercury lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and other high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) in many fields, filling the market application that LED technology cannot meet due to its physical properties, and has successfully entered the UV curing and UV surface treatment , printing and dyeing processing, wood products, animal and plant growth lighting, smart city lighting and photochemical technology and other application fields.

Great progress

Microwave plasma light sources integrate electromagnetics, electronics, physics, optics, photochemistry and other disciplines. As long as the spectrum and light intensity of the light source are digitally controlled, it is equivalent to mastering the core technology of the special light source industry.

3KM Optoelectronics has benefited from the experience and resources accumulated in radio frequency, optical communications, special light source and other market applications for more than 20 years. It has developed from the application of special light sources to the research and development of light sources, marking the company's development to a new level. And it has developed more precise and targeted special light sources to provide more efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe special light source solutions for market applications. It breaks through the technological integration barrier that has always existed in the industry: "application manufacturers are limited by the technology and innovation of light source manufacturers, and light source manufacturers have difficulty meeting the pain points and expectations of application manufacturers."

Looking to the future

Special light sources are still in the development stage of technology research and development and application exploration in all walks of life around the world. 3KM Optoelectronics will aspire to become the best special light source manufacturer in China, and lead special light source technology with the principles of dataization, standardization and scale. The horizontal (multi-field, multi-spectral) and vertical (professional) development has opened up a new blue ocean market for industry customers!